Mobile Event App
The mobile event app built for virtual conferences, large-scale collaboration, and the smooth operation of
corporate events whether they are in-person or online. It's easy to increase the engagement of your
participants when you've built a community around your events and training.

Custom App Creation for Events

The Virtual Dealer Meeting solution is a full-custom learning management system website that is designed and developed by our team after careful collaboration with your event coordination team. Our process is interactive, meaning that your input is welcome at all stages of the process from to design to development – and most importantly, after the site goes live. Your new mobile app will have the ability for your users to take online courses, interact in forums, view calendars, join breakout discussions, and so much more! 

e-Learning Course Creation

Online learning has never been more popular. Offering full flexibility, these courses take learning to the next level for busy users. They can keep track of what they learn, and even take quizzes to earn badges. Upload videos from your team, provide external and internal reading materials, link PDFs, and be creative with how you want to present your information.

Discussion Forums

The more engaged your users become, the more they will influence newcomers to feel the same. Post thought-provoking questions and watching others’ feedback pour through. Get notifications when someone responds to your post. Our mobile event app is the perfect way to drum up some good excitement before the launch of the event and to keep people engaged after the event is over.

Social Groups

Members can create profiles, add connections, and form social groups so they can interact better with their peers. This makes adding groups of people to conversations or assigning courses a breeze! They will be able to post and discuss items that are directly related to them and work their way to a conclusion in a collaborative matter, very similar to in-person discussion.